The Spices Flavoring Some Popular Indian Dishes


Indian Cuisine pic
Indian Cuisine

Milan Taylor serves as the CEO of the Rockaway Youth Task Force in Far Rockaway, New York. When he’s not working, Milan Taylor likes to try foods from various cultures. One type he most enjoys is Indian food.

Although there are many popular Indian dishes, a few types of spices are used quite often. They include tamarind, star anise, cloves, curry powder, and black cardamom.

Butter chicken is a top-rated dish in India. It consists of chicken pieces marinated in a delicious blend of spices and yogurt, topped with some butter or melting cream.

A famous dish out of Kashmir is rogan josh. Typically made with lamb or sometimes beef, the recipe features a unique array of contrasting spices, including turmeric, fennel seeds, and bay leaves.

For those who enjoy sweet and hot flavors mixed together, sali boti is a delight. Mutton is cooked with vinegar, onions, tomatoes, jaggery (a type of cane sugar), and some ginger and turmeric.

These foods are best served with jasmine rice, samosas, naan bread, or a nice cucumber salad on the side.


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