Emerging Management Trends to Watch


Emerging Management Trends pic
Emerging Management Trends
Image: forbes.com

Milan Taylor has served as the CEO of the Rockaway Youth Task Force in Far Rockaway, New York, for the past five years. In his leadership role, Milan Taylor has become increasingly knowledgeable about the ins and out of management, as well as the trends that shape it.

Whether managing a small nonprofit or a large corporate enterprise, there are certain guiding winds that leaders must be cognizant of when making decisions that shape the workplace culture. In that vein, here are two current management trends to watch.

In the private sector, nearly 87% of organizations consider both engagement and development of culture to be high priorities. Don’t look for those numbers to go down anytime soon. Moreover, many nonprofits are coming to value these factors as well. Engaged employees and volunteers are typically the most productive and often become evangelists for your brand. However, studies indicate more than two-thirds of employees still consider themselves to be disengaged, which is why the focus on engagement continues to be strong.

Organizations are also employing remote workers at a higher rate, especially when those organizations are based in high-population areas with prohibitive real estate and office space costs. In addition to saving overhead costs, employing remote workers allows organizations access to a much deeper pool of talent by lifting geographical limitations.


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