Rockaway Youth Task Force pic

Two Trends to Watch in the Nonprofit Sector

Rockaway Youth Task Force pic
Rockaway Youth Task Force

For the past five years, Milan Taylor has served as the CEO of the Rockaway Youth Task Force in Queens, New York. To bolster his leadership role, Milan Taylor has committed himself to following emerging nonprofit trends.

Halfway through 2016, the nonprofit sector is moving in an interesting direction. Here are two emerging nonprofit trends to watch throughout the rest of the year.

With nearly 60 million Americans still not using the Internet, many nonprofits have begun addressing the “digital divide” that separates the connected from the unconnected. While this has the practical benefit of getting more people focusing on a particular nonprofit’s online marketing plan, it is itself also a function of community service that helps those who have yet to adopt a connected lifestyle.

Another trend is that young nonprofit leaders are also becoming more prominent voices outside the sector, particularly when it comes to important social issues. Once thought the realm of those who weren’t suited for corporate America, nonprofits are now home to many emerging leaders with cultural and political influence. This is because many current issues in the United States have to do with civil rights and justice, which are two historically strong sources of nonprofit engagement.


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