Rockaway Youth Task Force pic

The RTYF Community Garden


Rockaway Youth Task Force pic
Rockaway Youth Task Force

Milan Taylor founded the Rockaway Youth Task Force in New York and has served as chief executive officer since 2011. In this position Milan Taylor supports the organization in fulfilling its objective of supporting local youths through a variety of government engagement opportunities and volunteer services.

The Rockaway Youth Task Force (RYTF) community garden provides RYTF members and local citizens with a clean, safe space to grow fresh produce. The solar-powered garden incorporates various features, including a working greenhouse and rainwater harvesting technology. In addition to summer and fall farm stands and frequent community events, the community garden plays an important role in several RYTF programs.

The Food Justice program, for example, was established in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. As a number of damaged stores and supermarkets were forced to close, local residents began to find it difficult to shop for healthy, affordable food. Families with low-income backgrounds and single person households were hit especially hard. Thanks to Food Justice and the community garden, Rockaway residents once again enjoyed access to locally grown, reasonably priced produce.


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