Rockaway Youth Task Force pic

Understanding the Goals of Community Empowerment

Rockaway Youth Task Force pic
Rockaway Youth Task Force

As the CEO of the Rockaway Youth Task Force (RYTF), Milan Taylor ensures the consistent quality of its programs. The goal of RYTF is to inspire social change by giving youths in the Rockaways the opportunity to become productive citizens. In 2014, Milan Taylor was invited to Paris, France, to speak at a seminar about the importance of community empowerment.

Communities are empowered when the individuals within them are able to increase control over factors and decisions in their lives. This inspires confidence in community members and a feeling of ownership that can result in social and political change. Empowering communities requires communication that encourages discussion and debate. Such communication results in more knowledge, awareness, and critical thinking. Ultimately, community empowerment should result in an improved quality of life.

Community empowerment also aims to be inclusive by encouraging good relations between groups in spite of the existence of discrimination and inequality. People of different backgrounds and cultures need to come together and cooperate to discuss and resolve common issues and promote enduring change.


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